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Team coaching and marketing workshop

“We invited Christine Vogl-Kordick to host a marketing workshop for our team. The objective of the workshop was to find a new marketing strategy for the Management Akademie München as a brand, and devise a catalogue of measures for implementing the activities. Over the two days we worked together, we achieved far more than originally planned thanks to the support provided by Ms. Vogl-Kordick. Her very pleasant, competent and professional manner made it possible to ‘tame’ our team and guide us in the direction we wanted to go, both as a team and as a company. Besides strategic marketing planning, we also worked on our positioning on the market, our positioning relative to our competitors and on our unique selling propositions. Tapping into Ms. Vogl-Kordick’s extensive PR experience, we formulated the messages we wanted to convey to the public. We gradually devised a marketing concept that made sense for us, covering both planning and implementation as well as performance measurement. During the follow-up phase, Ms. Vogl-Kordick showed us how workshop contents can be utilised productively. Her references to J. C. Levinson’s Guerilla marketing method were especially helpful to us. Based on the excellent co-operation, Ms. Vogl-Kordick now has a firm place in our pool of coaches. We can warmly recommend her as a host and business coach, and were very impressed with her resource and goal-oriented consulting.” (Ulrich Rohde, Managing Director, Management Akademie München)

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