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Support during start-up phase

“Christine Vogl-Kordick supported us during our start-up phase, just as we were in the midst of launching our company and services as well as positioning ourselves on the market. As an established expert with good connections to the press and editorial offices, she was able to spread the word about us using a wide range of different media, which significantly increased awareness of our brand. Her support was always characterised by interest, partnership, competence and the kind of persistence needed to position a new player on the market. Her structured way of working was very helpful for us. From the workshop she hosted to identify objectives and set budgets, through to securing placement in print and online formats, right up to editing texts for us, our collaboration was very professional and always founded on mutual respect.” (Thomas Öchsner, Partner and Managing Director at Resultate Gesellschaft für Unternehmensentwicklung im Mittelstand mbH)
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