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More stringently than before

“About two years ago, I was working towards positioning ThielDesign on the market even more stringently than before. During that time, Ms. Vogl-Kordick picked up exactly where I had left off and in the course of a few weeks, she helped me to achieve a more meaningful and coherent positioning. She knew exactly how to respond to the needs of ThielDesign as well as our market and target groups, and was very good at engaging with me as the founder and owner. As well as market positioning, Ms. Vogl-Kordick designed a specially tailored sales campaign for ThielDesign, wrote customer success stories for us and succeeded in placing a project description in the online version of ‘Werben und Verkaufen’. Working with Ms. Vogl-Kordick is always very enjoyable and her advice is sincere and professional. I can warmly recommend Chris Cross Relations.” (Ulrike Thiel, Managing Director und Creative Director, ThielDesign)
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