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Feedback from a client in the business coaching sector

“After having successfully worked as a freelancer for many years, a structural change found me doing exactly the same work, only as a salaried employee. However, the pay was less, I was obliged to follow instructions which seemed questionable to me and I was being monitored from outside. This made me feel very resentful. It was a bad start in terms of managing to work constructively under new conditions and still maintain the previous foundation of trust. After three coaching sessions with Ms. Vogl-Kordick in the course of a month, I managed to overcome the anger I had been feeling at what I perceived as an unfair situation; I had the chance to reflect and face up to the new reality. I realised that I couldn’t continue without confronting the new situation and reacting to criticism and demands from my employer in a way that wouldn’t be detrimental to me. During the coaching, Ms. Vogl-Kordick appeared very trustworthy and understanding and she was always calm and composed. She repeatedly made me take stock by posing the question as to whether I found my own concepts useful and if I could live with them. In this way she managed to navigate me out of a dead end and break the pattern of confrontational thinking.” K.P.F., Self-employed

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