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Designing and expanding PR strategies for a business coach

“Despite having studied public relations myself a few decades ago in the United States, I was initially hesitant in my new profession as a classical business coach to enhance my visibility through PR work. The lucky coincidence of meeting Christine Vogl-Kordick very quickly convinced me once and for all of how important this form of marketing would be to increase awareness of my business. Ms. Vogl-Kordick helped me to define precise goals in order to focus on the relevant target group and access them through the appropriate media. She devised a professional action plan and cost schedule, which we reviewed on a six-monthly basis and adjusted if necessary. Her amazing tenacity in actively contacting potential new customers opened the doors of important decision makers to my coaching business. Ms. Vogl-Kordick edited specialist texts which I had written on what’s involved in the everyday work of a business coach, and these were published surprisingly quickly both in print and online versions. Her contacts with freelance journalists provided me with unexpected opportunities for interviews on coaching issues or about my work as an hotelier, and also allowed me to submit articles as a guest author. I’ve always been extremely happy with the collaboration. I’m very grateful for Ms. Vogl-Kordick’s kind yet tough approach. I hope we can continue working together for a long time to come!” Georg-W. Moeller, Business Coach (IHK), GWM Coaching,

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