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Business & Personal Coaching

“I found the picture of the “treasure hunt” especially motivating and still do: Somewhere out there is a treasure or a company waiting to be discovered by me. This is how Christine Vogl-Kordick evoked the play instinct in me. I finally picked up my phone and called some potential new customers – after all there were bound to be some out there just waiting to be recruited. The telephone guidelines devised by Ms. Vogl-Kordick were immensely helpful in creating a pleasant and discreet conversational situation – not just for me but also for my conversation partner. Thanks to the outstanding coaching I received, I’ve achieved my goal of initiating contacts for face-to-face meetings at trade fairs. With my new skills, I’m sure I’ll be successful in following up these contacts! Thank you very much!” (G.S., Freelance Communications Consultant)

“When I first became self-employed, Christine Vogl-Kordick helped me a great deal with concerns I had regarding my pricing and invoicing methods. I was unsure of myself and slightly at a loss as to how to turn my “soft consulting service into hard Euros”: How much time could I afford to invest in new customers without charging anything? At what point would my free consultancy service start to pay off and become sustainable? When would the Euro clock start ticking?

These were questions I couldn’t answer on my own. Over several coaching sessions, Ms. Vogl-Kordick helped me to deal with my concerns. Having a sparring partner on an equal level was a great help in gaining clarity on various issues. Many thanks to Ms. Vogl-Kordick. I always felt as if she understood me and her support was very professional right from the start.” (J.L., Freelance Entrepreneur)

“I was very curious about hypnotic coaching, if not pretty sceptical at first. Everything I’d previously heard about hypnosis had raised doubts in me; I had only seen it in shows and on TV up to that point. However, it was still something I wanted to experience for myself, and I’d already benefited in the past from autogenic training and meditation exercises. Ms. Vogl-Kordick was very competent at explaining the hypnosis methods used during the coaching and she really helped me to get into a state of trance. I had reached this state of complete relaxation only once before in my life after a long time of practising. I found it very easy this time round, however, thanks to Ms. Vogl-Kordick’s support. I was disappointed that the session didn’t last longer – a good reason to book another one. Thank you!” (R.R., Retired Airline Captain)

“I needed to resolve a conflict with one of my co-workers with the aim of defining a reasonable basis for communicating and working with this person in future. Ms. Vogl-Kordick helped me to analyse the situation thoroughly, see things from the other person’s point of view and devise possible solutions. This all helped to make me feel very positive, which was most helpful. Thank you very much for supporting me in finding an effective solution.” (M. A., Team Leader in the Civil Service)